High School Biology Tutorial

The study of biology is the study of life. Biology covers plants, including wild trees and flowers as well as crops. Biology also includes a myriad of creatures from the tiniest insects to the largest sea creatures. It also include the study of the human body including anatomy and body mechanics. Nothing is too small to escape the study of microbiology. Environmental science looks at how different organisms from plants, animals and even microscopic life work together. Tutorials can help students integrate biology concepts both at school and at home.

When choosing a biology tutorial, the first thing any parent or teacher should consider is the school’s curriculum. What the student learns in the tutorial should mesh with classroom information. Start by looking at the student’s textbook. Many school text companies offer free or low cost tutorial programs online. These programs follow the textbook. The tutorial may include expanded study, self-testing, additional online resources, or even chat rooms to help the student connect with other biology students.


Students can learn math or literature largely from books. But biology is different. Students need hands-on activities to understand many biological concepts. This is where the online tutorials teach more than static textbooks. After all, pictures help students understand what an organism looks like, but videos show how the organism moves. Interactive applets go one step beyond, allowing students to virtually manipulate cell parts, plants and animals. Students can virtually dissect cells, animals and plants, seeing real organ structures without harming a live plant or animal.

Fun Factor


Biology shouldn’t be boring. After all, it’s the story of how humanity interacts with the world around us. Many online tutorial programs bring that excitement into the study of biology. There are a wide range of tutorial games students play to explore biological concepts. Games allow students to crossbreed a variety of plants and animals, exploring genetic adaptation and change. Other games put the student in charge of a virtual lab as they seek specific pathogen and develop and antidote. Games give students the chance to create and maintain a working universe. Still others follow the path of last night’s dinner as it makes its way through the body.


Consider how the student has access to the biology tutorial. Some schools offer additional textbooks or study manuals that the student can take home and review. Other schools and parents use online resources. If the school uses a paid tutorial resource, consider whether the student has access to program from a home computer. Students may sign directly onto the website with a unique ID and password. Some schools configure their internet to allow students to sign into the school system remotely. The school’s website becomes a gateway to a wide range of tutorial programs.